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    Operations and Dispatch Scheduling Software - Features


PCOM Operations has a multitude of Features and functionality

PCOM Carpet Cleaning Operations is a comprehensive service scheduling software program for carpet cleaners and other field service contractors.  The program is easy to use yet extremely powerful.  Carpet Cleaning Operations features include a scheduler (aka appointment book calendar), point of sale system, customer information database, easy customer invoicing, received on account tracking, gift certificate system, powerful personnel management, sales and labor summaries and loads of other reports,   Here is a summary of the areas users will work with most often.  These are just a few of the features incorporated into our Carpet Cleaning Operations program.  The best way to learn more about our extensive features is to download a free demo copy.  Click here to visit our download page.  


calendar style schedule book for appointments and appointment scheduling jobs for crews.


1) Schedule Book - Maximize crew efficiency and profit

Clicking on "Schedule Book" from the Main Menu will display the Schedule Book screen.  Our appointment scheduling calendar software shows what personnel are assigned to crews, when and where jobs are scheduled and which jobs are completed.  This appoint scheduling screen also shows you available crew time to maximize crew utilization, routing and increase profits.  

Functions of the Appointment Schedule Book are:
Scheduling jobs and Appointments.
Tracking completion of jobs.
Re-Scheduling jobs.
Canceling jobs.
Changing Appointment details.
Scheduling crews and maximizing routes and route planning

  scheduling software

2) Weekly Crew Schedule - See your crew(s) weekly schedule at a glance.

Use this detail schedule book screen to see weekly work schedules, estimated sales and slack time.

  Price Lists for Scheduling Software

3) User Definable Price Lists -  Define price lists specific to your business and industry. 

Pricing your service is an important part of your business. Prices will vary by location due to on commute times and other factors.  PCOM Operations allows you to create multiple price lists.  Lists are organized by counties and zones.  You can create up to 99 lists per county.  To Create and Edit price lists select the Utility menu from the menu bar and select "Utility Menu" from the drop down menu.  You can create, edit and even copy price lists to make creating price lists a snap !


  scheduling software point of sale 4) Point of Sale screen - Local Sales

From the Main Menu clicking on Point of Sale will display the Point of Sale screen. This function is used when a customer brings work to your location. Select or add the customer here, enter the invoice details and the invoice will be printed.  All of the information is posted to that customer's account.

  customer database and information 5) Customer screen - Customer history and orders in one convenient location

Clicking on Customer > Customer from the Main Menu will display the Customer screen.

Functions of the Customer screen are:
Adding customers & editing customer data.
Locating customer by name or phone number including complete customer history.
Receivables Summary (invoices with open balances)
Memos and notes.
Up to 10 scanned estimates, documents or photos per customer.
Print statements.
Periodic customer Sales (total sales for any period of time)
Customer maintenance and contact program.

  customer invoices and payment tracking 6) Invoice screen - Easy access to all invoices saving time and reducing mistakes

From the Main Menu click on Customer > Invoice and the Invoice screen will be displayed.

Functions of the Invoice screen are:
Editing invoices.
Printing invoices.
Entering Master Card & Visa credit card authorization payment codes.
Account history and details.

  outstanding balance , invoicing, estimates, and more. 7) ROA (Received On Account) screen - Find outstanding balances and any charges

From the Main Menu click on Customer > ROA and the ROA screen will be displayed.

Functions of the ROA screen are:
Posting payments to customer account.
Search for charge amount.
Search for balance amount.
Account history and details.

  easy gift certificate tracking 8) Gift Certificates - Easily handles gift certificates which are used to increase sales

From the Main Menu click on Customer > New Gift Certificate or Transfer Gift Certificate.
Allows field service contractors using PCOM operations and dispatch software to sell gift certificates and manage customer certificate redemption by crews in the field.

  dispatch crews and track time for sales 9) Time & Sales screen - Quickly enter daily sales and crew information.

From the Main Menu click on Production > Time & Sales.

Functions of the Time & Sales screen:
Entering daily crew sales production numbers and personnel.
Generating payroll & commission reports.
Automatically calculates gross payroll
Generating weekly detailed production reports.

  write messages and notes including job estimates. 10) Message screens - Receptionists can leave messages for the owner or manager

From the Main Menu click on Add Message.  This is used for receptionists and dispatchers to leave messages from customers, crews and employees for the owner or general manager.

  printing customer labels

11) Printing Functions screen - A central location to easily print all forms, invoices and reports.  You can also print mailing labels and export customer data to other applications.!

Here we have an example the print mailing labels screen.

Functions of the Printing Functions screen include:
Printing Daily Job Orders and Crew Summary reports.
Printing customer invoices.
Billing (printing weekly statements).
Weekly Sales Projections

Create mailing labels for marketing programs
Export customer information and more !

  Exporting customer data

12) Exporting Customer Data - You can export customer data from the printing menu.  PCOM Operations exports data to other applications via our tab delimited export tool.  Simply select the customer timeframe, group or even every customer in your database then select the export function. 

Operations quickly creates a tab delimited output file for use in spread sheets, word processors or other applications. 

  service business payroll commissions
13) Payroll Factors -
Fine tune your compensation system to meet YOUR needs

The Payroll Factors screen enables you to customize your compensation package to the needs of your company. Operations has three basic approaches to compensation:

Hourly pay rates
Flat Commission pay
Dynamic Commission pay

Details on configuring pay are described in "Setting Up Operations" in the help files.

  personnel information for a service contractor 14) Personnel screen - Manage crew HR information

From the Main Menu click on Production > Personnel Functions

Functions of the Personnel Functions screen are:
Adding personnel.
Editing personnel data.
First and Last Day of Work.
Brief HR and employee Notes
  customer satisfaction 15) Quality Control (QC) - Quality control monitoring is an important part of our system.

There are two QC interfaces available in Operations.  The "Job Site Quality Control" is available from the Schedule Book screen, by clicking on Job Details for an open work order.  This is generally used at time of service when an operator contacts a customer for crew feedback. Users can also enter QC data from the Invoice screen. The Invoice QC screen is often used when a commercial customer can't be contacted at time of service. The Invoice QC screen provides an operator call guide to insure consistency.  Both interfaces manage the same data so there is no need to fill out both screens. Each interface uses the same ten point questionnaire about service customer satisfaction level. The answers are saved with the customer’s invoice data.

  business statistics to manage and improve carpet cleaning, heating, air conditioning and other service businesses and estimates. 16) Statistics Menu - Our Statistics features provide business tools to manage and improve your business

The Statistics Menu puts several essential reports at your fingertips. Within seconds you can find how much business you have done in each zip code that you service, how productive your personnel are, and get a performance Index of your company’s overall performance. 

Statistics are essential tools for resolving operational problems, setting crew goals and setting new company objectives.

  17) Backing Up Operations - Your business data are important assets.  PCOM Operations helps you back up your data.

Operations offers a backup feature that's simple to use.  From the Main Menu click on Utilities>Data Backup and the  Data Backup" screen will be displayed.  Click on the "Select Directory" button at the top of the screen, and the  "Select Directory" screen will be displayed. Use this screen as you would Windows Explorer to locate the drive and directory that you want to save your data in. When you locate the directory, click on it, then click on the "Select" button.  It's as easy as 123.


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Pcom software service job scheduling.


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