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Service Software Can Help Increase Customer Satisfaction and Increase Profit

Think about your "favorite" restaurants, department stores or other businesses.  Why are they your "favorites"?  Is it the price, selection, return policy, employees or store atmosphere?   There are a probably multitude of reasons why they’re your favorites.  Now look at how each business is doing, are they prosperous or struggling?  Chances are if a business is on your favorites list they are on a lot of other people’s lists and they are probably doing well.  People that have a good experience with a business tend to use that business again and again creating loyal repeat customers. 

I often ask myself what separates a truly successful service business from ones that fail.  If your industry is highly competitive, competitors have similar prices and consumers have lots of choices then Customer Satisfaction is going to be key to the success of your business.  This is particularly true of service businesses. Good customer satisfaction can provide a business with a competitive advantage by making you stand out in the minds of customers resulting in many repeat customers. Here are a few more specifics about Customer Satisfaction and the impact it might have on your business.

First the good news: When someone has a great experience with a service company they tell others.  This kind of “word of mouth advertising” is a powerful and inexpensive.  You can’t buy advertising like this and the return on your investment pay off in droves.

Now the bad news: The opposite is true also.  When someone has a bad experience, they'll go out of their way to warn friends and family to stay away from your business. You will need to spend a bundle to convince customers to do business with you.  One dissatisfied customer can cost you many customer prospects.
Creating good customer satisfaction for a service business just makes good business sense.  It creates loyal customers, enhances advertising and can result in increased profit. Your competitors will also find that your long term loyal customers are not willing to risk doing business with them which actually shrinks their potential market while increasing yours.

Improving your customer satisfaction will create loyal customers and should be an ongoing process for your business. Here are a few tips and approaches we would suggest to get you started. 

     Make it Easy to do Business With You.   When a new customer calls for the first time do you want your operator to flip through paperwork, not know your prices, misplace information, or even worse double book a date?  The customer’s first and ongoing impressions of your company are going to be influenced by how phone calls are handled. The faster and easier it is for your staff to provide information, understand which crews will be in the customer's area and set up an appointment, the higher your customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is going to be. Our service scheduling and service business management software will help provide you with the infrastructure to provide accurate prices and quick appointment scheduling and changes. 

     In order to make improvements, you need to determine current customer satisfaction and track it over time.  If this is the first time you’re tracking customer satisfaction this will give you a base line of how you are currently doing.  As you gather information over time you can track your progress and identify areas where you need to implement changes.  Our service business cleaning software includes a Quality Control module for collecting and tracking customer satisfaction data or you can use your own methods to track data.  It’s important to automate the process to quickly identify issues and to minimize the time and effort required.
      Listen to you Customers. This is an old adage but still true.  Don’t take criticism personally, look at feedback as an opportunity to improve your business and gain insight that your competitors may be ignoring.  Follow up with your customers after they receive service and always listen to suggestions for improvement.  When you hear multiple customers providing the same negative feedback chances are it's a bigger issue than what you thought and you need to quickly change your business process to resolve the issue.

      Listen to your Employees If your company provides on-site service, interview your crews regularly about daily events.  They often hear complaints that customers don’t discuss in post-service surveys. 

We suggest you consider using PCOM service business software for your carpet cleaning, maid service, hvac or other service business.  Our service business software will allow you to create great customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line profit.   Our software is a great solution for any existing or new service business.

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