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Carpet Cleaning Software Case Study - Joe Bertin Inc.

Joe Bertin Carpet and Upholstery is a full service carpet cleaning business located in Boardman Ohio.  Joe is PCOM's first installation and has provided input and development feedback for over 14 years.   Joe runs multiple crews and has a dedicated office staff.  We recently asked Joe and his employees about their experience with PCOM carpet cleaning software. 

Overall Employees regard PCOM carpet cleaning software as integral to doing their jobs.  Employees like the software's intuitive interface and the fact that they don’t need to go to any special training classes.  They are able to learn the basics in about an hour.  This means your employees can be productive their first day on the job !

Newer employees take PCOM carpet cleaning software for granted which Joe takes as a complement.  The software has become a seamless part of the business and employees can't imagine how they could do their jobs without it.   Joe says it “facilitates the business and doesn’t get in the way”.

PCOM carpet cleaning software really shines when scheduling appointments.  In order to schedule and appointment manually an employee had to take the call, calculate an estimate on scratch paper, put the customer information on an invoice, add the estimate, enter it into the schedule book then put it on the proper crew’s clip board the day of service.   Changes or rescheduling were also a headache.   With PCOM carpet cleaning software it now literally takes a minute to check the schedule book and set up a service call.  In addition it’s much easier to route appointments efficiently as zip codes are used to group appointments in logical groups.  Rescheduling appointments are also a breeze.

What this can mean to your bottom line is that you can decrease your overhead by using carpet cleaning software. Joe was able to reduce office staff in half, he said “1 person can now do tasks that used to take two people”.

Employees also like that the software is multi-user so they don't have to wait for somebody else to finish a task before they can log in.   Joe can review reports at the same time somebody else is scheduling an appointment and a third person is using the software for a walk in point of sale transaction.

By using carpet cleaning software general office paperwork is also greatly reduced.  Copies of invoices and records are always at your fingertips rather than sitting in overstuffed file cabinets.  Joe used to spend thousands a year on invoices which are now computer generated.  Invoices can also be printed out as necessary.

PCOM carpet cleaning software also has extensive management reports which Joe uses to track how his business is doing.  The report feature allows you to review a variety of cleaning business reports including tracking residential and commercial trends by month, zip and customer.


We suggest you download a copy of our carpet cleaning software demo or request a 30 day trial and see for yourself how our carpet cleaning software can improve your carpet cleaning, plumbing, hvac or any other service business. 


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