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Case Study – Saedy Maids, How a new maid cleaning business evaluated and selected PCOM Operations as their maid service cleaning software.

We recently spoke to Scott Yaede of Saedy Maids about how he evaluated maid service software and why he chose PCOM Service operations.  Here is Scott’s feedback on the software selection process.

Saedy Maids is a relatively new maid cleaning business serving western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  They opened their doors in 2007 however the founders had extensive prior maid cleaning business experience and they knew the value of using maid software to maximize their business’ efficiency.   Their requirements included good record keeping; an easy to use interface, crew appointment scheduling and general cleaning business operations which they knew would help their business efficiently and allow them to spend more time working to growing the business. 

Their first step was to gather information on as many maid cleaning software programs as possible.  They searched the Internet and gathered information on a number of software applications.  Initially they reviewed maid software features and prices and then tried a few demo programs from their leading candidates.  Based on their initial requirements and after doing research and evaluation they chose PCOM Operations cleaning software.  Why didn’t they go with one of the big guys? 

In addition to being easy to learn and use PCOM offered just the right set of maid service software features and functionality at a reasonable price.

Saedy Maids really liked the crew scheduling zip code search function which allows them to quickly see when crews will be in a particular area.  This results in fast and efficient crew appointment scheduling and enables faster customer service.

They appreciated how PCOM Operations maid cleaning software handled paperwork and customer records.  They didn’t want to fill up countless file cabinets with paperwork year after year.  PCOM maid service software allowed them to keep records stored in the software’s database where they can be found quickly when needed.  Saedy maids can also choose to print out any records or point sale information if they require hard copies or paper records.  

They also liked the reasonable price, no hidden fees and fact that they didn’t have to pay for lots of bells and whistles that they really didn’t want.

Last but not least they liked the easy to use interface and straight forward menus.  Scott said after an hour of working with PCOM he felt proficient enough to show others how to use it.

When asked if he felt that they made the right choice Scott replied “Absolutely, if I had to do it over again we would buy still buy PCOM Operations maid service software." 

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We suggest you download a copy of our service software demo or request a 30 day trial and see for yourself how our software can improve your maid, carpet, plumbing, hvac or other service business.  If you have any questions please drop us an email or give us a call. 

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