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Improving Employ satisfaction is an often an overlooked way to increase your service business profit.  In a service business your most valuable revenue generating assets are your reputation and your employees. 

Employees are a significant investment in your business.  Think about how much time and effort you spend training your employees.  Whether they are a crew member or your office manager, you’ve spent countless hours getting them trained and used to how you do business.  When they leave you have to start the process over again taking a considerable amount of your time which is not being used to grow and improve your business not to mention the cost of the mistakes they make and the how a “green” untrained employee is perceived by your customers.  The fact is when a good  employee leaves it hurts your bottom line.

Employees leave for many reasons but frustration with the work environment is often at the top of the list.  If they have to work with huge amounts of paperwork, misfiled records, have too many opportunities to make a mistake chances are they will not be happy long term employees. 

Employees like to feel they have the right tools to be able to do their jobs well and they appreciate the feeling of job well done.  Service business software makes tedious tasks such as scheduling and changing appointments, looking for paperwork and creating reports are a breeze.  Software can assure that Crews have logical service appointment routes are that they have all the information they need in advance of arriving on the job site.  It’s impossible to remove all the day to day stress employees face but service software can provide a good business infrastructure which minimizes internally caused issues.  This reduces stresses on employees, increases efficiency and allows employees to concentrate on external customer activities with a better state of mind resulting in a better work environment and increased productivity.

Our service business software is a complete service business solution to help you run your service business.  It becomes an integral part of you business processes organizing you business information and how you run your business.  It also helps train new employees on how you do business and insures new employees follow a consistent way of doing business.

We suggest you download a copy of our service business software demo or request a 30 day trial and see for yourself how our software can improve your maid, carpet, plumbing, hvac or other service business.  If you have any questions please drop us an email or give us a call. 

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Service Business Software can improve employee satisfaction and increase your profit.
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